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Willich Law Office is a Milwaukee-area firm focusing on real estate law.

Protect Yourself

Real estate is a large investment, whether it’s a new home, condo, or rental property. For many people, it is the single largest asset they own. For that reason, it is important to make sure your interests are well protected and that the proper contingencies are in place. We are here to assist you anywhere in the process from evaluating a proposed agency agreement, drafting/reviewing purchase offers, reviewing title commitments, working with lenders, looking over closing documents, representing you at closing, and everything in between.

229 E Wisconsin Ave, Ste 908, Milwaukee, WI

Willich Law Office, LLC

229 E Wisconsin Ave, Ste 908
Milwaukee, WI  53202

Phone: (414) 301-1314


Where Your Property Goes Without a Will

“Who gets my stuff if I die without a will?” After some recent discussions, I realized the answer to that question is not commonly known, which does not surprise me. Death always seems to be in the distant future, and doing the research takes time and effort, both of...